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Welcome to Iron Elegance!

Your Online Source for Wrought Iron, Art Glass & Blown Glass Ornaments.

Within our website you can find the most unique collection of hand crafted wrought forged iron and art glass home accents both for the home garden.

Iron Elegance is your place to shop for forged wrought iron and art glass. Our specialty is the combination of iron art glass, but we have several selections of pottery, painted glass and metal sculpture as well. Each item is hand made one piece at a time.

All of the items presented are hand crafted and vary slightly as any hand made product does. We hope you enjoy your visit to our wrought iron store, and please contact us with any questions, product ideas, our special requests.

Feel Free to Browse our Store.


Jester Vase Collection

Our Mission

Our Mission at Iron Elegance is to provide a great product, value and service to our resellers.  As a independent family operated company we know the pressure that lies in purchasing inventory for a store.  That is why we carefully select the products we produce and allow our customers to make a small investment in comparison to the value they receive in their goods.  As part of Our Mission, we are always willing to help our customers and encourage comments and suggestions.  We view all sales with our customers as a long term partnership and hope that once the goods are received, that the reaction of being flabbergasted like we are when we receive them.

Our Story

Iron Elegance started in 1999 by David Simpson.  Iron Elegance was exclusively a retail website and still continues to operate today.  However, as demand for our products have grown we have realized that we can't be the only company offering our products directly to the consumer.  Approximately, a year after Iron Elegance launched we started offering our products wholesale.  As time has gone on we have refined our product line to better suite both our wholesale and retail customers. We currently offer our products wholesale under our parent name, Iron Art Glass Designs.

Iron Elegance was initially started as a second source of income for David while on his travels to Europe for the Steel Industry.  As interests changed in the market, David eventually focused all effort into Iron Elegance and eventually built what is currently operating today as Iron Art Glass Designs.  Of course it wasn't that easy, but with the continued support by our customers, Iron Elegance has seen successful growth since it's conception.

In 2006, David decided that it was best to differentiate the two divisions of Iron Elegance Retail and Iron Elegance Wholesale.  This was decided so that our products could be promoted through the retailers without the conflict of interest between wholesaler and retailers.  Iron Elegance has become an independent division of Iron Art Glass Designs and will promote Iron Art Glass products to the consumer.

Rose Bud Desk Lamp

Our Products

When our company started, we first started with a small selection of home accent wrought iron pieces.  We soon learned that while these designs were popular, they just weren't enough selection to choose from.  As time went on we learned what products were better than others but also strived to provide the best possible selection for our customers. In 2000, we first produced a small assortment of Glass Balls known as Kugels.  As time has gone on, we have learned how great this product is not only for our company but for our customers.

Kugels are commonly referred to as Friendship Balls, but we like to refer to them as their traditional name in Europe.  Kugel is translated as Ball in German, so it can mean a number of things.  However, in our sense it means a basic glass ornament of color that is meant as a traditional house decoration.  Kugels are our best selling product and are offered in over 200 designs in dozens of shapes and sizes.  We are certain we have the best selection anywhere.

As time has gone on, we have also developed Watering Balls, Witch Balls, Hummingbird Feeders, Gazing Balls and other various products based on the idea of a glass ball.  On top of these products, we are also currently make several products that combine the glass ball with a piece of decorative iron.  An example is our SunStick which takes a glass ball and hangs it in a garden stake.

While we focus intensely on our glass ball products, we also love to create a large selection of decorative glass pieces and practical wrought iron items.  Our fine glass pieces can be considered a great value with several designs coming from top glass blowers in the Carpathian Mountains.  We also stock several glass pieces that are hand painted using organic paints.

With over 2000 different items available with our company, you will have a large selection of products to choose from.  If that isn't a good selection, we can also provide custom products for you company if you meet certain minimum order specifics.  So whatever you need may be, Iron Elegance will work to fulfill it.

Our Company

Now that you know our history, let's talk a little about how we operate. Iron Elegance is like very few companies in the gift trade. The traditional gift industry is focused on large orders and drop shipments that have the retailer often never seeing the product they sell. This is volume based retailing where the wholesaler lives or dies based on large orders and limited selection.

Iron Elegance views the gift industry in a whole different light. We stock every item that you see on our website and we'll usually ship it with 1-3 days. So no longer will you have to wait to get the products you ordered. You may be asking how we can finance pulling in products before we payment for them. It's rather simple, we are a debt free company and all products in stock are financed from previous sales. As was mentioned in our history, we started off slow and now we have over 2000 designs. We normally receive shipments 3-4 times a year, so items that are out of stock are normally restocked within 2-3 months or sooner.

With Iron Elegance, you'll have a large selection of items to choose from without having to make a large investment. As our customer, you won't become a customer number, but a name we'd love to recognize.

Triple Candlabra

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